Collaboration and management tool for API automation tests

Create test cases and share them with anyone in the team, let them interact with your work and run tests on their own. Works on PC and tablet! New features are added on daily basis, so watch out and do not miss any!

Chain requests with reusable data

You can use request chaining to pass data from previous requests to upcoming requests - by reusing variables, that hold data.

Advanced features

APImation has a lot of advanced features - like importing existing collections from Postman, reusing response from previous requests and many other.

Reuse data from previous response

Advanced feature of "Grep" allows to save data from previous response into new variable and reuse it later anywhere anytime without manual interaction.

Team up

Share your project with your team, collaborate in test case creation, share results and save time and money.

Receive reports

Receive visual and exploratory reports on failed REST API case runs.

Continuous integration

Put your test cases into sets and execute them by just one click or even better - integrate into your Continuous integration setup

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