ApimationAPI testing redefined

A CLI API test automation tool that enables a simple way of producing tests straight away from API documentation, both functional and performance scenarios, without additional coding and test architecture setup.

API test automation code example

API test automation made simple

API testing has never been so simple. Although Apimation is a CLI tool, it requires no prior programming knowledge. It's based on a simple human-readable data-serialization language - YAML.

Out-of-the-box test setup

With Apimation you can forget about time-consuming test setups and test report preparation. It remains to choose a testing mode and Apimation will take care of everything else.

Performance and load testing modes

Performance and load testing modes

Multiple environment support

Multiple environment support

Automatic test step generation

Automatic test step generation

Automatically generated test reports

Automatically generated test reports

Performance results



Latency (ms)

Graph for time effect on latencyGraph for time effect on latencyGraph for time effect on latency

Seconds elepsed

  • Load Test Duration14 m 59.499 s
  • Overall Requests Sent3600
  • Average Request Rate3.984
  • Success Rate95.583%

Status Code Distribution

Status code distribution pie chartStatus code distribution pie chartStatus code distribution pie chart


  • Max25.365 s
  • Mean751.479 ms
  • P50487.642 ms
  • P95533.630 ms
  • P9914.468 ms

Bytes In

  • Mean7378.087
  • Total26443400

Bytes In

  • Mean1.152
  • Total4130

Apimation features

OpenAPI support

OpenAPI 2.0 & 3.0 support

Automatically generating Apimation steps (requests) based on provided API documentation.

Configurable environments

Configurable environments

Apimation allows creating different environments to test the same system in, for example, development, testing and production environment. Each environment can have its own variables which values can be predefined or their values can be extracted from API responses.

Test engine

Test engine

The test engine is a separate process from the CLI tool, which can be set up on separate servers, allowing to run tests in multiple locations.

CI integration

CI integration

Using Apimation CLI client easily integrates functional and load test executions into any CI pipeline.

Test modes

Multiple test modes

Easily configurable load testing strategies. You can choose one of the two test modes - load (constant, incremental, simulation) or performance

JS Engine gears

JS engine

For more advanced data processing you can use Node.js functionality to create new data or process API responses.

System command usage

System command usage

Build complex test cases including steps with calls to external system commands such as Bash scripts.

Setup and cleanup test cases

Setup & cleanup test cases

Apmation can handle preparation for load testing or do cleanup afterward for you.

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